Real-time Virtual Studio

The LUV hosts a team of creators and experts that provide exceptional real-time virtual set concepts and designs using the latest innovations in the gaming, broadcast and entertainment industry.  With over 30 years of experience in live content creation our team is ready to provide the GTA’s best turnkey production studio facility for your next project.


Bringing your next project to the LUV will provide you with a full set of production tools starting from ideation through to final product deliverables including live, pre-taped and live-streamed productions and events. Your project will benefit from planning, pre-production, design, and real-time production in amazing virtual worlds.

Field Production
Post Production
3D Modelling
Art Direction & Concept
Props & Wardrobe
Meeting Rooms
Audio Production
Web Production
Production Staff


LUV is a new dynamic process to create content developed by Groupe Média TFO and its partners. LUV is a unique incubator for a whole new generation of digital content.

Live Cam

As part of our full control room integration, up to 5 broadcast cameras provide live multicam capabilities.


The camera and talent position as well as lens data are sent to the gaming engine to provide real-time lens and positioning information which positions the sets in the right perspectives.

Gaming Engine

The LUV’s Reality Engine® software is the most photo-realistic and immersive virtual set software tool in the world.


The LUV’s real time image based keyer uses the power of the GPU to seamlessly integrate live action and provide sub-pixel keying detail using advanced features such as spill suppressors, force-fill and spill bypass.

Virtual Set

The LUV’s Unreal Engine and Zero Density integration provides the ultimate tools to create the most immersive environments.


Technology Partners


LUV Milestones

Since 2017, the world of technology has changed a lot, and so has the LUV. Born from an idea, the studio became a project, then a reference in real-time virtual production.